Medieval Weapons
Giant Medieval Crossbows

European crossbows of the Middle Ages saved many castles from siege. Crossbow weapons were brought to England by the Normans in 1066 and soon became one of the most important weapons in history. They were used for hunting and warfare and employed throughout England through the time of Queen Elizabeth. Large crossbows were more powerful and more accurate than any longbow and unlike their light counterparts that were used in the field by armor clad soldiers. These giant crossbows were mainly used in the attack or defense of fortifications such as castles. Those incredible reproductions and replicas of castle defense crossbows are made in Italy. Although they are meant as wonderful historical display pieces, they have functional parts. Each crossbow comes complete with its own “bolt”. Get your medieval crossbow now because bigger is better in defense of a medieval castle. The size is an incredible 47” long from stock to stirrup.

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